when is the right time?


Deciding on when is the right time to say goodbye to a much-loved pet can often be the hardest decision a pet owner has to make. It is a heart-breaking and tough question to answer for everyone involved and it is a common question posed to vets by pet owners who are struggling to weigh up their emotions against the physical evidence with which they are presented.

It can be helpful at this stage to undertake the Quality of Life Questionnaire on a regular basis in order to assess your pet’s quality of life and highlight any deterioration and progression. It can also be worth considering what your pet is currently able to do compared to when they were in good health. Finally, you need to remember that animals are very good at hiding pain and can’t tell you how they feel.

Unfortunately, it is a choice that you must make for them, however painful. It is hard because you love them, but it is because you love them, that you need to make the decision.

From experience, delaying the decision does not make things any less distressing for you, although sadly it might increase your pet’s discomfort and cause them further distress.

At the Visiting Vet, we take time to guide you through the process when it comes to making the right decision for your pet and we will do all we can to help you feel confident in reaching a decision when the time comes to say goodbye, as well as handling the process in an empathetic and professional manner.